$ 99.00 / year

[READ before purchase]

*1. One license is needed for one user / computer.
– One license allows authentication of the program on up to 2 computers that are both owned by the licenser.
– Only one computer can run the program at a time with one license.
– An user of Adobe Illustrator and this product must be the same person.

*2. No return is accepted after receipt of serial number.
Also, no refund is accepted after renewal of the subscription contract. Please try the plug-in before purchasing.
Free Trials ( 30 times ) are available. (You can download from here).

*3. The license is valid for one year from the day of purchase. It will be renewed automatically every one year. If you don’t want automatic renewal please cancel subscription after purchasing (you can still use the plug-in).

*4. Only the licensers can take free support service.

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  • This software has the same features as “EXDXF-Pro4″(the previous edition).
  • This product is an annual subscription software. The annual license fee will be automatically charged every year unless you cancel.
  • Illustrator 2022/2023/2024 compatible

DXF – AI Converter for professional use 

EXDXF-Pro is an Adobe Illustrator (AI) plug-in that converts standard CAD DXF files into AI files. From metal  processing to space industry, EXDXF-Pro is used by world professionals. Various import / export options are available to meet your needs.

– Import / export settings for handling lines and points
– Converts CAD lines to Beautiful bezier using our unique smoothing technology
– Compatible with DXF R12(Export), R12 / R13 / R14 (Import)

[System Requirements]
Mac and Windows OS that the following versions of Adobe Illustrator (AI) run properly:

Macintosh : Illustrator 2022 / 2023 / 2024
Windows : Illustrator 2022/ 2023 / 2024

>> Visit EXDXF-Pro website for more information