$ 99.00 / year

[READ before purchase]

*1. One license is needed for one user / computer.
– One license allows authentication of the program on up to 2 computers that are both owned by the licenser.
– Only one computer can run the program at a time with one license.
– User of Illustrator and this product must be the same person.

*2. No return is accepted after receipt of serial number.
Also, no refund is accepted after renewal of the subscription contract.

*3. The license is valid for one year from the day of purchase.

*4. Only the licensers can take free support service.

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  • This software has same features as “BPT-Pro4″(the previous edition).
  • This product is annual subscription software. Annual license fee will be automatically charged every year unless you cancel.
  • Illustrator 2021 compatible

19 tools in 8 categories for 2D-CAD on Adobe Illustrator

BPT-Pro turns Adobe Illustrator into a highly functional 2D-CAD program with 19 tools in 8 categories.
Dimensions, Scaling, Angle, Callouts and even drawing a title block etc… All tools needed for drafting work will be added to your Illustrator’s tool box.

[8 categories of 2D-CAD tools]
Dimension Tools / Radius&Diameter Tools / Fillet Tool / Angle Tool / Slant Tool /  Arc Tool / Comment(callouts) Tools / Schedule(Title Block) Tools

[Useful Functions]
– Real-time information during use of tools such as location, length and areas are shown on “BPT-Pro Information Palette”.
– Snap preference (to grid/intersection/point/path)
– Automatic renewal of dimension when the object was resized
– Preference for unit, scale and font

[System Requirements]
Mac and Windows OS that the following versions of Adobe Illustrator run properly:

Macintosh : Illustrator CC2020 / 2021
Windows : Illustrator CC2020 / 2021

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