Seam Allowance Tools

$ 198.00 / year

[Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 2022-2024]
[Win / Mac]

Make  Professional Seam Allowances Easily on Adobe Illustrator

This plug-in adds a feature to create seam allowances in Adobe Illustrator. With a few clicks you can instantly create beautiful and accurate seam allowances to your sewing patterns. It is also possible to easily process corners. The seam allowance rules you created can be applied to other parts.

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30 Times free trial

You can try full features 30 times for free. Download the data from the URL below.

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*1. One license is needed for one user / computer.
– One license allows authentication of the program on up to 2 computers that are both owned by the licenser.
– Only one computer can run the program at a time with one license.
– User of Illustrator and this product must be the same person.

*2. No return is accepted after receipt of serial number.
Also, no refund is accepted after renewal of the subscription contract.

*3. The license is valid for one year from the day of purchase.

*4. Only the licensers can take free support service.