(For Mac OS users)
Our plugins are not compatible with the latest version Catalina(10.15) for now.

(for all users)
Our plugins are not compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC2020 for now.

8 groups and 19 kinds of 2D-CAD tools for Adobe Illustrator that assist technical drawing.

BPT-Pro turns Adobe Illustrator into a highly functional 2D-CAD program with 8 groups and 19 kinds of tools.
Dimensioning, Scaling, Angle, Callouts and even drawing a title block etc? sufficient tools needed for drafting work will be added to Illustrator tool box.
On version 4, ?Dimension Recalculate Button? was newly added. Be more productive with this helpful plugin.

[System Requirements]
Compatibility of this software depends on the version of Adobe Illustrator. Please make sure that your Adobe Illustrator version is in the following:

Macintosh : Illustrator CS6 / CC(-2019)
Windows : Illustrator CS6 / CC(-2019)

*One license is needed for one user. Please purchase the licenses as many as the number of users.
*The activation key will be sent to you in business hours on weekdays (apart from public holidays) in Japan. Therefore please be aware of the time difference between Japan and your country.

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