DB Palette


DB Palette


[IMPORTANT] iPM Plug-in Products to shift to subscription licensing

For Win / Mac
For Adobe Illustrator CS6 – 2021

High functional Object Database on Adobe Illustrator

With DB Palette, you can store all of the parts, illustrations and text that you use often in one place, saving you time searching for them. You can place objects by simply dragging and dropping them from the database.
Not just for pattern making, this software is convenient for making spec sheet and instruction documents.

Easy to find the object you need

To find objects easily, you can sort out them by folder and group. There are also features like searching by keyword, sorting and swatch/list view to work efficiently with large amount of data.

Works with Grading Tools

You can also save grading rules made with Grading Tools and apply them to other parts just by drag&drop.

For more information see below:

30 Time free trial

You can try full features 30 times for free. Download the data from the URL below.

Please Read Before purchasing :

  • This product does not require a subscription and is one-off purchase. 
  • After you purchased this software, we will send you an activation key by email during our business hour. You can use the software without limit after the activation.
  • You need one license for one user/computer. Please purchase the license as many as the number of user.
  • Once you have received the activation key, NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please make sure that you’re going to purchase the right product. Also we recommend tryout before purchasing.

DB Palette
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